I would give some help


Hi there,
I ordered a 3D printer some days ago, randomly I have chosen the same as my younger brother. It is an Anet A8. It will be delivered maybe in four weeks.
Nevertheless, I already have a Raspberry (version unknown, made in 12/2011 as shown on board),
Just today I installed OctoPi and after few configuration it is running! Even updates via apt and everything.
As I am still waiting for the printer being delivered is there a way how I may help going Octoprint further?
RasPi is running Octoprint 1.3.8.
Would it be helpful to install any newer version that needs to be tested without a printer? As I know of there are many tasks like user management, interfaces, packaging, whatever.

I am an engineer of 41 years, living in Germany and would like to help in any kind. Familiar with Linux and programming in general. Pascal, C, scripting.

I am sure there are topics I might give some help.


You can install the Virtual Printer plug-in (if you haven’t already) and that will let you play with OctoPrint in a more useful way and get better acquainted with it until your printer shows up.


Read up on the documentation, check out the FAQs and guides, review the list of plugins currently available and those in development, take a look at the REST API, the plugin tutorial and finish up with a read of the outstanding issues on the OctoPrint repository.

Oh, and welcome!


Maybe you could ask your brother to print some of the upgrades that the Anet A8 should have

It's much easier to install them while you are building it than taking it apart to install the parts

I have 2 of those beasts, and the second one went much quicker, and, I think it even performs better than the first one