[Idea] Cancel just 1 piece of printing

I'm relatively new to the world of 3D printing, so excuse me if I say something stupid.

I usually print a few small pieces at once, many of them using supports that sometimes give a problem when printing off the table or "wrapping" filament. If one of the small parts gives an error in the printing, I need to cancel all of them or look at the print to remove the filament remnants of the problem part so as not to affect the other parts. The question is:

Would it be possible, after sending the g-code and starting to print, to somehow "cancel" the printing of just one piece? Making the printer just skip printing it? I don't know how I could map the piece (I don't know enough g-code), but I imagine that it is possible to simulate a rendering of this and select to cancel, causing the print commands to be commented or skipped ...

I am printing files 1, 2, 3 and 4 together.
File 3 did not print the fifth layer and is causing the printer to release filament in the middle of the table, which may affect parts 1, 2 and 4. I would like to make it possible when printing something from the third part that the printer does not extrude filament (even if you make the print movement) or simply skip that part.

Would it be possible? It's a good idea?

Diogo Gomes

There are 2 plugins that can do this. Cancel Objects or Exclude Region. Each have their own options and method of doing the cancel.


It was exactly what I needed.