Idea: Home Assistant light control

Hi guys, I've got this idea for a plugin, but before spending a lot of time on developing it I'd like to poll if there would be any interest.
Next to Octoprint, I'm also an avid Home Assistant user. Since there's already an HA integration as well as a plugin to integrate Octoprint into HA via MQTT and my HA add-on for PSUControl is in use with a few hundred users too.
Inspired by the WLED and GPIO mounted LED control plugins, I came to the idea to create a plugin to control Home Assistant light(s) through Octoprint events. For example:

  • Turn on the light if the printer is connected
  • Blink your RGB light in red on a printing error
  • Turn on the light before taking a snapshot and turn it off again afterwards

Since this would mean controlling a single light, I don't have any plans or ideas to do anything with progress. (what would changing an RGB light from blue to yellow in 6 hours tell you?)

Please let me know what you think of this idea!

PS: I know this can be achieved by writing automations in HA as well, but having an Octoprint plugin for it would make this a lot easier.

There's plugins for OctoPrint to directly control LEDs, and quite a few of them at that. Then there's plugins that can connect OctoPrint to Home Assistant, and powerful automations available in HA to do this as well... It would probably make configuring it a lot easier, but it is a balance between specific plugins for each individual use case & more generic options. If you want to make it, go ahead - you won't really know if people will use it until you make it.