Idea: PlugIn for Inkbird WiFi thermostat

Hi all.
I am pretty new to octoprint and just finished building a heated printer enclosure using an “Inkbird” brand thermostat that connects to WiFi to control a little heater in the chamber. (ITC 308 WiFi INKBIRD Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat ITC-308-WIFI - Inkbird )
I thought it could be pretty useful if there was a way to read the temperature of the Inkbird’s temp sensor and control the set-temperature from within Octoprint. Would it be possible to make a plugin for this to work? I am not a programmer myself, just asking if anyone here who is finds this interesting enough to give it a go.
Thanks for your consideration.

It would probably be possible to do that but it's unlikely that a lot of people in this community own this device so I wouldn't wait for it.

If you want to use something else that is already supported take a look at this plugin:

It supports a wide variety of sensors and also relays.

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