Idea: Plugin to Catalog Print Details/Notes

Hi all,

This is my first post here after lurking for a while. I recently got bitten by the 3D printing bug and bought an Ender 5 and have been loving every triumph and spectacular failure along the way.

With each new print I find myself learning more and more, but often want to recall the results of a particular experiment I was eventually forced to toss out because I can only hold onto so much junk. Even for the ones I do keep, I have a hard time remembering just what it was I played with to achieve that result. It occurs to me that since Octoprint is already recording footage of your build that it could also take a quick snap of the final product after the build completes, and provide a spot for you to write your notes about where your head was at when you built it. So when you're wondering "I think I printed this xy cube to try sharpening my corners, but what settings did I change that time??" you search the file name, you get a pic to verify it's the right thing, you watch the timelapse, and read any notes you left after completion, and maybe even name the build something like "HORRIBLE FAILURE CUBE DO NOT REPEAT".

With that in mind, and it could be that something like this already exists, I wanted feedback on how to improve the idea, or if it's even possible. In fact, I believe Thingiverse has functionality just like this when you report a "make", but since octoprint is already recording Timelapses and a few other print details, it seems like a natural place to keep this info would be right on the OctoPi.

LMK what you guys think!

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I suppose one could create another similar file to .metadata.json throughout the uploads folder area to store information.

For me, if it's a print job I really care about I'd probably track it using the GitFiles plugin. The file would have an attached git tag and I would then want to reference that tag in any notes that I'd take regarding a printed part. (This is all in a parallel universe where I would actually use the history plugin; I probably wouldn't.) If I'm doing multiple prints while tweaking the settings, I'll just use Post-It notes to identify what's what.

Yeah I really should start using post-its and pics, I just know that once I take the pic, I'll lose it to the abyss of my phone's gallery and only ever find it while I'm scrolling for a reaction gif I saved because I'm too lazy to categorize everything on my phone lol.

Hard to follow, but it seems like some guy had an idea over a year ago, then somebody else derailed it with a question about the original history plugin (which, at the same time, I found out both exists and has been abandoned). Thanks for heads up!

A Notepad was made by jneilliii here:
I just started using it today.
I've been using a paper system for print notes. It's the Staples Arc system. I write up all my fields in TextEdit and print it out. Then, punch out the little ARC do-dads. It's been working well for extensive print details and notes.