Illiterate newb needs advice

So I’m new to 3D printing and I have absolutely zero experience with raspberry pi, soldering or anything like that. I’ve been looking at the buying guides and the only pi’s I can find cost at least $100. Is this just the cost now? Or do I just embrace 3D printing like a caveman?

The pandemic has created a global chip shortage which has affected the supply of Raspberry Pi systems, all models. As a result, a lot of people that still have inventory have decided that price gouging is in order. The best advice I can give is keep checking reputable dealers. If they will allow you to backorder then you can do that.

Yeah that’s what I figured. I found a couple but they’re literally marked up over 800%. Thanks for the reply

You don't have to use a Raspberry Pi. You can use any old Mac, Linux, or even Windows computer to run Octoprint.