Import octoprint.plugin Error

Beginner developer, here....
I'm using vs code and following the plugin tutorial from the docs page. The error is Import "octoprint.plugin" could not be resolved pylance

At one time, I found a package to install that resolved this error. I didn't write the link down and can't locate it.

Any help on this would be great!

I suspect it is based on the environment that vs code is looking at for package resolution. I haven't setup vscode for OctoPrint dev but basically you just need to pip install octoprint wherever that is, or adjust the IDE to use the correct venv where OctoPrint is already installed (preferred).

I suspect it's the python.defaultInterpreterPath setting mentioned in the docs.

Thanks, will keep up digging.

I suspect eventually @Charlie_Powell will come by and see this post, I know he uses VS Code for OctoPrint development now.