ImportError: cannot import name NullHandler during plugin install

I tried to install google drive backup plugin but i got an error stating that the import manager couldn't import name Null handler. I googled the problem and it seems that it was an issue with python 2.6 and below but my system has python 2.7.16. My log is attached. Notify me if other types of logs will be required. Thanks in advance
plugin_pluginmanager_console.log (91.7 KB)

NOTE: Only the google drive plugin had this problem, I had installed many other plugins before and after

What pip version are you running? SSH to the Pi and run ~/oprint/bin/pip --version

When i tried to install via the terminal I got a message stating that a newer version of pip was available (version 20 something) but i didn't pay much mind to it as it generally ends up not being an issue. Should i update and try again?

Give it a go. Since it seems something inside pip is failing.

~/oprint/bin/pip install --upgrade pip

Unfortunately didn't work. Same error.

Digging deeper it seems to be failing on the build dependencies, namely setuptools and wheel. I'm not sure why it is deciding to build them, but maybe you could try that manually too?

~/oprint/bin/pip install --upgrade setuptools wheel.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe a corrupted install, which you might be able to fix with the --force-reinstall flag, or re-flashing the SD card.

Nope and nope. The only option left is to reflash the software. If i get a backup file will all of my data be kept, and if i reinstall the plugins will i have an identical system? Also i was having a bad sector 0 error during boot before formatting my previous installment of octopi and flashing the version i have now (the one with the problem). I wonder if that has anything to do with my issue (maybe a sector of the sd is dead and now which happens to be the part where NullHandler ended up written to ? unlikely). If not does anyone know of an alternate cloud backup plugin i can use?

It could be that your SD card is dying, if you already have had a corruption issue. If that is the case, it's showing itself in a strange way. Though I'm pretty sure I've seen issues with corruption starting with apps importing logging, could be because it opens files on the disk regularly.

If you use the inbuilt backup/restore, all the configuration & other OctoPrint data will be backed up, as well as any plugins you had installed previously.

I know the Dropbox timelapse plugin would actually do this, since it supports custom events. Just have to add the event PLUGIN_BACKUP_BACKUP_CREATED with path as path and it works for backups too.

I use the github plugin with an ssh key (which i can't restore from a backup i imagine) which is a bit of a hassle to set up so in the meantime I will try to avoid another full system format. The dropbox method seems to not work. If i understand correctly when the backup plugin creates a new backup (and if it gets triggered to do so with backup scheduler) it should upload it to the Apps/[My app name]/path folder in my dropbox. It seems to have not even created the path folder, let alone upload the backup. Anywhere i can read up on this more?

I don't think it puts them under path, that is internal to the event system - it's the key that shows where the backup is located locally. It might just put them in the root, so Apps/[App name]/. I haven't tried it, just copied from what I've heard works elsewhere.