Importing neopixel into a plugin


I am trying to figure out how to use the Adafruit neopixel library within a plugin for controlling WS2812B LED strips but cannot figure out where to put the files and how to tell the plugin where to they are.


Hi @keeper317!

The Enclosure Plugin has some Neo Pixel support.

I had a look at the Adafruit NeoPixel Library and saw, that this library has no support for the Raspberry Pi. So I wonder if this would work as a OctoPrint plugin.


You just have to get the right library. I've found Adafruit's guides, libraries, scripts and how-to's to be nearly perfect.

Note that the Neopixels are hungry. I had to use a dedicated (beefy) 5V 10A power supply for a ring of 60 of them. Also note that you'll need a logic level converter from 3.3V -> 5V.


I was using as a guide for ws2812 on pi and this is the library it says to use. I have a PSU that can drive them no problem and I have a level shift circuit.