Inaccurate hours left in Dashboard

Hi, my print job is supposed to complete in 5.5 hours but on the Dashboard, it states that there are 9.5 hours left. Above it, there is a digital clock 02:19:12. What is this digital clock? I launched the print job from an internal SD card on the Prusa i3 MK3s printer. Is that the reason why Octoprint's Dashboard gave incorrect estimate? Any plugin that offers more accurate time remaining report?

It would be really useful if you supplied:

  1. A screenshot ideally marked with the clock you are asking about.
  2. A list of plugins you have installed with the version numbers.

If you launched the print job and the gcode resides on an SD card connected to the printer, this limits the abilities of OctoPrint and its plugins to create proper estimates.

Thank you. The print completed already. I will take a screenshot next time.