Incompatibility between WS281x LED Status and LCD display

For my Prusa MK3s I use an Octopi server on a Raspberry PI 3B+ with a TFT LCD screen (Waveshare 3.5 inch Touch Screen TFT LCD) and the TouchUi touch interface as well as a Raspberry V2 8MP camera.
I would like to install the Led WS281x Status plug-in but there is an incompatibility with the touch screen which also uses the SPI0 channel on the GPIO 10.
Is there a way around this problem?
It works fine on GPIO 10, I tried on GPIO 20 (SPI1) but it doesn't work.
It's a shame because the config with a Rasperry, a screen and touch controls on the printer is really very usefull!

The only way around it would be to run OctoPrint as root (not recommended for security reasons) and then you could use GPIO 18 (a PWM pin).

At some point I would like to add support for SPI1 to the plugin, but it requires modifications to the upstream library (written in C, not my skillset...) so I have not got to it and likely won't until I have the hardware to test it - all the PCBs I had made were hardwired for GPIO10 as well...

thank you for the answer
I tried the plug-in on a raspberry alone, it works great and is really handy! This limitation is really unfortunate. I think there are quite a few people who use this Octopi/Raspberry server configuration and TFT LCD touch screen for local commands on the printer. It's been a long time since I programmed in C...I knew how to do that before. Which library is it?