Incompatible Plugins not reflected to Plugin-Manager UI

Currently I am testing my plugins against OP 1.4.0rcX and Python 3.
Some of my plugins are related to other plugins to I check the availability like this:

		if "preheat" in self._plugin_manager.plugins:
			plugin = self._plugin_manager.plugins["preheat"]
			if plugin != None and plugin.enabled == True:
               ... do some usefull stuff with the plugin ...

Now I realized that only checking against "enabled" is not enough, because the "preHeat-Plugin" is currently not Python 3 compatible.


  • Why is the plugin still enabled and not disabled if incompatibility is detected?
  • In the Plugin Manager UI the plugin is still listed, but could not be used. Only in the octoprint.log it is reflected. Is it planed to improve the UI as well?


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That sounds like a bug :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If compatibility is not detected it should not load and thus stay disabled.

Can you share a screenshot? I honestly thought I had put a flag on this stuff...

Here is the screenshot of the log-output:

In the plugin manager the plugin is enabled (filtering to diasbled shows noting), but it is not listed in the below plugins-settings section (because not useable with python 3):

Yeah, that is a bug. I'll look into it.

edit Tracked here: