Indicator for octoprint boot & load completed

I am looking for a way to show that the octoprint boot and load are completed.
I am running the latest version of octoprint as of 5/26/2020. my thought was to use a 3.5 inch display and have it display a splash screen that said "done". I do not want to run the desktop because it requires a login and is additional overhead. I tried rooting around the directories but can not find console-setup file. I can't find the file when I use just the octoprint load. I can find the raspi-config but the options are limiting.

Any thoughts on how I can just have a simple readable message on the 3.5 screen that says load completed?
Another thought is to open the I2C bus for a OLED display with a simple message for load completed.

Any thoughts.

I use OctoDash with a HyperPixel 4 attached to my Pi.

You could also either use my ipOnConnect plugin to send a message to your printer's lcd on startup, or create a custom event hook to send a simple M117 OctoPrint is Ready message.

I will give that a try and let you know of success

Thanks for the idea but did work with my printer. During the hunt for the plugin I found OctoPrint.LCD 1602. this looks like a solution for me.

That is next on my list to try. I will query thr forum to see if there is any success with this plugin.

That's odd, it's the same screen, just controlled differently. I assumed you set-up OctoPrint to auto-connect on startup and configured your serial connection information with the save settings option?