Insert shortcut in Themeify

Hi. In Themeify Theme is it possible to insert another plugins, in the structure, sow I alway have easy access to the plugin ?

Not sure I understand the question. I personally use my Consolidated Tabs plugin to put everything on one page.

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You could also try my plugin: UI customizer , does the same as themify and more.

Thanks for your responce. Is your theme more Flexible ?

Can I make shortcut to other plugins I have install ?

Can you help me.
There is something about your plugin that I can recognize in the Themes I am using right now

Not sure what you mean - my plugin does the same as Themify but with alot of more options etc.

Some plugins create a new tab in the tabs area; some others only work in the background but can be reached via the OctoPrint settings menu to make some, yes, settings.

If I understand you correct, you mean something like a hotkey for the tabs?

Yes correct

I have both plugins installed but I don't know which one I use "Themeity" or UI customizer"

. Where do I See It?

Sorry I'm a older guy..

In OctoPrint, click the wrench (1)
This opens the OctoPrint Settings (2)
There you click Plugin Manager (3)
There you can find you installed plugins
With this example, Themeify is enabled (4)
And UI Customizer is disabled (5)

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oh, interesting idea. a hyperlink to another tab shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish but I don't think you'd be able to do it with a themeing plugin, unless you could do some tricky :after css pseudo classing with content set as the hyperlink code. Honestly, I've never tried that before.