'installed by the legacy method DEPRECATION'

Hello, I just made my octoprint to work and I'm stoked aboutI it.
When I install a plugin I get this warning. is it a bad thing or I can ignore it?
(octoprint is on linux ubuntu. I installed the octoprint instance using 'pip' on a python 'venv' - virtual enviroment and it's my first time using linux).

Don't worry about it too much.

You can install wheel yourself - run pip install wheel (first make sure to activate OctoPrint 's venv).

Installing OctoPrint 1.9.0 (when released) should sort that out automatically anyway.

It's incredible to get support from people like you.
I've been to Linux for 3 days. Troubleshooting advanced sh*t with google without even knowing what it actually means (learnt a ton). I spent hours in threads online pursueing an issue that ultimatly didn't even exist. I got 'init_video_failed' from starting a service that was already running- the actual problem was that only 1 youtube godforsaken vid supplied me with the suitable stream URL.... The tutorials will always lack something since, again, it's linux jungle. :$$$
So thank you so much for your answer!

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