Installed Octolight but is not working

My SD card cracked and I had to completely reinstall my octopi installation (there is something to be said for backups). I (re)installed the octolight plugin but it is not working:

  1. The icon is in the header (not lighted)
  2. When I click the icon, nothing happens (does not "feel" like it clicks)
  3. I have tried inverting the output (nothing happens)
  4. I can turn the light on (and off) with the following commands from the command-line:
gpio -g mode 27 out
gpio -g write 27 1
gpio -g write 27 0

Share a systeminfo bundle so we can take a look at what might be going on.

I had forced an update/upgrade to the OS and I think that was the problem. I wound up re-flashing the SD card (and not updating the OS) and it is working fine now

Installed this plugin, and it shutdown my other plugins.. like gpio fan control.. uninstalled octolight, and i got my pi back to normal.. i think..