Installed Plugins Not Showing Up

Hi all, when I install some plugins, they don't show up under the Plugins list in settings. They are shown and turned on in the Plugin Manager, but they are not showing in the Plugin List. For info, I did do a Ctrl-Shift-R to reload the page without cache. I'm access my Octoprint server on a remote machine on my network. Octoprint is installed on a Dell T3400 running Ubuntu Mate.

As an example, I installed Themeify. It is listed in the Installed Plugins and it is enabled, but it is missing from the Plugin List (where I click to modify parameters of the Plugin).

Also, I installed SMS Notifier but it shows no settings when I click it...

The little recycle symbol next to the name indicates that you need to restart the octoprint service. Once you restart the OctoPrint service it should prompt you to reload the web interface.

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Thanks... while I did issue the restart server command from Octoprint multiple times (and it gave me the popup) I'm guessing it never really did restart. I restarted the computer and all are listed now. I wonder why the server restart didn't work.

The for the plugin describes that it has external requirements. In cases like this, a reboot is the safest approach.