Installing on other linuxes

In the instructions for installing Octoprint on Raspberian (and other linuxes), it may be useful to add a note that for other linuxes, you need to create a "pi" account and log into it for the subsequent steps.

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I installed several octoprint instances and doesn't have a pi user.
works great.

The problem is that instructions ( are written assuming there is a pi account when there isn't.
There are numerous references to the account "pi" and /home/pi.
If you know how octoprint works, you are probably comfortable with telling it to use a different account.
If you do a lot of linux administration, you know what those commands mean and scripts do.
But for the noob, we don't. That is why I'm suggesting a very minor addition to the instructions; not for the experts but for the beginners.

Hi, Eric.
Odd. I've been using RPi's for years and every single downloaded image I've ever used has pi as the default login user. Where did you see this not happen, please?
I have worked Linux since the 80's, as well. :slight_smile:

The guide is called "Setting up OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian". Raspbian comes with a pi account.

I have no issue with people adding more setup guides to the Guides section, but I'd rather not try to accommodate every Linux distro under the sun in the one specifically targeting the Raspbian distro on the Raspberry Pi hardware.