Interferrence between plugins?

Got a Smart filament sensor today and loaded the plugin for it. Noticed that the psu won't shut machine down now. Went into plugin manager and disabled the smart sensor and now psu is working again. I have the psu on board pin 12 and the sensor on pin 11.

They might be conflicting on the pin numbering scheme. Check that they are both the same (BCM vs. BOARD), you can't use two different ones at the same time.

Thank you, both are BOARD with the physical pin numbers. The PSU is on GPIO18 and the sensor is GPIO17. which I gather, are General purpose GPIO's? (Gen0 and Gen1)

In that case, upload the logs (octoprint.log) and it might show a better clue, if there are any errors.

Was trying different things to see if it works. Hope this helps. It was parking the nozzle just before I
disabled it again..No notification of why.
octoprint.log (2.6 MB)

With help from Annie and Christopher, got it going ok after editing the Thank you

Hey tannenba,

What was the solution? What did you edit in the init file? I am having a similar issue.

Would you mind to share what you did in the end?

Go to the Github issues page for the Smart Filament Sensor for how to edit the file, but I'm still having problems with it parking the nozzle for no apparent reason at times.