Is Arc Welder plugin supported anymore?

Seems like the Arc Welder plugin hasn't been updated since 2021, and there is an error in software update even locating it.
Is it still being supported/developed?

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This issue has been fixed in later versions of the software. There was a bug in one of the earlier versions with the software update configuration - so you have to install the update manually. Uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin would do the trick.

Apologies, I was under the impression this was in the stable version. It may still be only in a "pre-release" version 1.1.0.

I know @FormerLurker doesn't have a lot of time to maintain the plugins these days, but 1.1.0 has worked well for a lot of people I understand without the need for new updates.

Hopefully, @FormerLurker can find the time to release 1.1.0rc4 as 1.1.0.

As @Charlie_Powell says, it is working well for a lot of people.

Never said it wasn't working, I'm at 1.10rc3, but the software updates, regardless of what type of release it's set to, has the message "unknown error while checking for update. Please check the logs". Checking the logs shows nothing. Even after removing and reinstalling

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