Is it possible to have octoprint act as a printer?

Considering getting the palette 3, however it seems to require to be connected directly to the printer.

Would it be possible to have octoprint act as a "simulated" printer? Or act as a passthrough printer echoing all communication between the printer and the device?


Hello @ebuyum !

Yes there is a virtual printer inside OctoPrint.


But thats for emulating a virtual printer that's connected to octoprint isn't it?

I'm looking for a way for octoprint to behave like a printer to an external host, so that palette would consider octoprint as a printer and then have octoprint echo all communication nto the printer itself.

It looks like the plugin doesn't do this, or maybe i misunderstood the plugin?

I'm afraid OctoPrint is not capable of that.

A quick google seems to imply that Palette 2 at least will work with Octoprint and that there is an Octoprint plugin for Palette (presumably supplied by Palette).

Yeah but unfortunately not the palette 3/ 3 pro ):

A little bit of additional googling found the following which is probably not what you want to hear.

Oh great, wish I had saw that prior to my pre-order, I assumed their included canvas hub integration was the same they had before with an embedded OctoPrint install with their plugins.

Well we know who to ask to help make a new plugin now then... Actually, don't do that - they don't deserve the sales from OctoPrint compatibility.

From the article posted there, I suspect they didn't like the idea of not controlling everything. They could of course engage with the community about things that break for plugins, not heard a thing.

In the past, we’ve seen that updates to OctoPrint can negatively affect the plugins, so we are now better able to control the user experience.

As near as I can tell, their Canvas hub is not a free product. By locking out OctoPrint they are eliminating the competition and forcing users to pay for Canvas if they want any kind of manual control.

I think the p 3/pro has it already built in

Oh this is prime. "We've heard about issues, so instead of trying to fix them we are throwing the kid out with the bath water because f*ck open source that we've happily used so far without giving anything back"


Probably wrong but I thought the Canvas hub ran a borked version of Octoprint.

As far as i remember from YouTube videos this is tru for previous models.

Not sure what's happening in the new ones

If they are using any of the OctoPrint code then they are probably in violation of the OctoPrint license.

The source code is available, and has always been for their plugins:

And there's a guide of how to make your own Canvas Hub. It doesn't require any special modification of OctoPrint.

I guess I should have been more specific. I believe @Charlie_Powell is correct regarding the Palette 2. The Palette 3, however, is no longer "compatible" with OctoPrint and the plugins. I think there is a different version of the Canvas Hub for the Palette 3 which is NOT open source (but I suspect DOES contain code that came from OctoPrint). It would be this version of the Canvas Hub that is violating the OctoPrint license if my suspicions are correct.

Lets not jump to conclusions - do you have any proof or indication anywhere that the Palette 3 / Canvas hub will be running OctoPrint code? Or is it just a conspiracy?

ETA: I actually went and googled the Palette 3. It doesn't need a separate Canvas Hub or anything like that, since it has a screen, wifi and all the software built in.

Let's not worry about potential license violations until we have proof there actually are any.

There's enough stuff to worry about or spend thoughts and time on without adding that on the pile :wink:

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