Is it possible to store data from sensors?

I am wondering if it is possible to permanently store the data from sensors either into the 3d printers motherboard or pi's SD card/USB?
If so, I would like to know how and if there any projects I could into.

You might be a little more specific: which sensor(s) did you have in mind? Are they connected to the printer's control board, to the Pi or to something else?

Why would it be necessary to permanently store the information; what did you have in mind?

If you're talking about an autoleveling project, then please say so.

I am just generally interested in how to store data permanently to a place such as SD, USB storage or something else where i can retrieve the data.

From possible sensors, such as temperature, storing data from auto bed leveling, and possibly installed other sensors such as vibration.

Preferably connected to printer's board, but if there are any current online projects on the Pi I would like to look into that as well.

If you're writing an OctoPrint plugin, then a good place to store files on the microSD would be under ~/.octoprint/data/yourpluginid/. Otherwise, you might create a folder called ~/db/ and store files there.

The data could be stored with a .json extension as json data. It could be stored with a .csv extension as "comma-separated values". You could store it with a .yaml extension as a YAML file format. You could use one of the many database programs if you needed something fancier. Depending upon the frequency and amount of data in some cases you might push the data into the cloud.

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