Is it possible to use Octoprint to monitor an Ender 5 Pro

Hi there,

is it possible to use Octoprint to monitor an Ender 5 Pro,
so just mirror the screen of the printer with the funktionality
i have if stand in front of the printer? (included the video funktion)

I am a beginner and want to use the printer software first.

Afaik that's not possible, because your printer doesn't send the stuff you see on your display to OctoPrint.

However, you can do all these things (and more) in OctoPrint. Some out of the box, others need a plugin and some edge cases via terminal.

If you're printing via SD card you can't use all the OctoPrint features, but temperature monitoring, a simple time estimation and webcam* works.

*You can only use a time based trigger for timelapses if you want to make them.

I had already thought, what a pity.
I there any other software out there to help me out till i switch to opctoprint?

To clarify what you want - you want to be able to basically use and view the printer's built in LCD remotely?

If that is correct, then that will be impossible. The printer's firmware does not provide anywhere near enough information to replicate what the screen does.

However, I don't see a need for that. If you were to use software like OctoPrint (none of the host software will allow you to do exactly what you want), they include everything that you can do on the printer screen, just in a different way.

OK, thank you both for the explanation. I will try Octroprint and discard my idea of ​​using the printer software/firmware.

I'm afraid you (still) don't know how this all works.

Your printer will always need it's firmware to run.
OctoPrint can access the printer by connecting to the printer's USB port.
OctoPrint sends the print commands that are interpreted by the printer's firmware to move the printhead/bed/extruder.

You are right, that was a point where i was unsure. "Thank you very much for the clarification".
I already tested OctoPront (OctoPi) and it's been going well so far.