Is it possible to write a java program (i.e processing) to send a file to octoprint (python?)

What is the problem?
Intercommunication between processing (java base) --> octoprint (python base)
What did you already try to solve it?
Nope, If some expert here can point me to the right direction or can offer their 2 cent that will be great.

I use octoprint for a while, recently i wrote a processing sketch that generate gcode. I am wondering if there is a way to have the processing send the sketch to the octoprint?

I know asking here seems like a stretch but I try my luck anyway.
Thanks in advance

Hi @jkan,
my two cents: many ways exists.
Depending on your root cause a solution looks different.

  • Uploading your already processed file via Octoprint REST-API from your JavaProgramm (only Java/REST skill needed)
  • Modifing already located gcode on the ocotprint server. Here you need to capture the Octoprint e.g. file-selection event. Grab that file and send the file to your java-programm (located also on raspberry -> execute os-command 'java -jar yourPrg.jar filelocation"; or send the file via POST to yor java-server (Python/Java skill needed)
  • java-processing gcode line by line during print is not an good option. it takes to much time.

Maybe you can explain in a little more detail what you goal is what you want to achive.