Is OAuth2 supported?


Been looking around trying to see if OctoPrint or some plugin adds OAuth2 support and was not able to find any information. I'm looking in particular for support of the Authorization Code flow (3 legged OAuth). Is OAuth2 supported?

A few people in the OctoPod community (open source project for an iOS app) mentioned that it would be very nice to be able to speak to Alexa to interact with the printer. I was thinking of implementing this (not as part of OctoPod but also for free) and OAuth2 is needed for this integration.


I always talk to my printer via Alexa. I have an Echo Dot right next to the printer and an Echo Spot here in the bedroom. I'm confused about why someone thinks this requires OAuth(2) or otherwise.

I created an ASK, a Lambda function and wrote/implemented a proxy server which lives here on my internal network. The Lambda function authenticates to the proxy which then authenticates to the printer.

Googling OctoPod turns up nothing in the way of an iOS app or forum, for what it's worth.

Even if you did have an OAuth/OAuth2 handshake, you still have the problem of the cloud-based Alexa being outside of your network and unreachable.