Is Octopring to blame?

Hello all: My first post, and an intriguing question.

My new CR-6 SE died after 7 days. I used the latest Octoprint when it reported a printer error ( don't remember specifics.
Used an USB cable with the V+ blocked through a Raspberry Pi. All axes refused to move in any way.

I'll spar you the Creality support hell, but after 14 days I got this mail:

Dear customer,

We are so sorry,

This time we will send you a new motherboard, but we do not rule out that this is because you use the> otcopring problem. If the same problem occurs again, we suggest that you buy a new motherboard.

So, the question is, can "octopring" fry a CR-6 SE 's motherboard?

Thanks, oapNL

Very unlikely that OP did it. If it were possible, then I’m sure many others would have had an issue. It’s possible some sort of short went through the Pi due to a hardware issue, but even that is unlikely. Most likely you just got a dud board.

My only thought on this, is that if software can kill a printer, then why does it have a USB port on it... That's typical practice of a company like that, blame it on the 3rd party software that the user installed.

If you hadn't used a USB cable with the 5V pin blocked, that could have been the issue but then again, why does it have a USB port if plugging something in fries it.

My reaction is no, its not OctoPrint that killed the printer. It is possible that connecting something via USB like OctoPrint could kill it by connecting, powering things that are not meant to be powered, but in that case it is not OctoPrint's fault and instead bad design, since they included a USB port so the assumption should be that it works....

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That was so fast: thanks!

Thanks for the reassurance.
Well I didn't consider Octoprint the culprit anyway. But Creality service is a major annoyance. Don't intend to wait for a neaw board either. Just want a refund now, but that's going to be a challenge. Maybe Paypal can help..

It is more likely that the "USB cable with the V+ blocked" somehow caused a short and the Creality motherboard was badly designed so it did not handle that short, than that a piece of software could damage the motherboard. But there are countless other ways the motherboard could have broken that are just as likely - if not more likely than even the cable being at fault.

@ FoV:

Couldnt be: New Anker cable with the V+ taped off. No chance of a short.


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Well, then you know how small the chance is that OctoPrint has anything to do with it (ie: smaller than the chance the cable had anything to do with it).

Yeah this is absolutely ridiculous- no way Octoprint caused this and I asked Creality to post a retraction and apology to this effect:


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Thanks a big lot for this, I'm glad they made this statement. :slight_smile:

Thank you Naomi. Much appreciated.