Is there a plugin to display the firmware version?

I know I can enter M115 in the terminal and see the firmware version of my printer (Marlin) but wondered if there was a way to simply display the firmware version on the main screen.

Some printers will display the firmware version when they are first powered on. On my LulzBot TAZ 6 it does so but it doesn't remain on the screen for long.

My Marlin EEPROM Editor has a 'firmware info' panel that shows the content from the M115 command OctoPrint's UI, presented nicely.

Mine does too but there are times I would like to see it via the web page since my printer is out in the garage and sometimes I want the information without going out there. I thought it would be nice to see it shown whenever I am connected.

I just tried that and it works nicely! Thanks! I am concerned about accidentally modifying an EEPROM value. Any possibility of simply showing the firmware info without the EEPROM editing?

Just create a backup within the plugin's settings and then you can just restore it if you accidentally mess something up.

In Marlin I use:- displays on a LCD12864

// Name displayed in the LCD "Ready" message and Info menu

#define CUSTOM_MACHINE_NAME "Ender-5 Plus BTT Octopus V1.1, Marlin 2.1 BF" // Protomaker Sprint, BF indicate Bugfix

Your Voron identifies as an Ender? - or you own both?

How did you got to that clue?

Bought my 1st 3D printer two weeks ago. Ender 5 Plus for it's rigid frame, bedsize, autoleveling and price.
Already wish to have Octoprint to control multiple prints at once, and webcam, plus wish to go beyond 260Β°. And so wish to have the same "BTT Octopus V1.1, Marlin 2.1 BF". As I'm careful, and don't wish to brick, I searched to learn from other people failures/successes. Then this post matched my search strings, and returned me to this forum.
However, looking at ProtomakerSprint his YouTube channel I see a Voron but no Ender.
And so I thought I'd asked him what was going on there.

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