Is there a "Public Information Screen Plugin"


maybe someone can help me, is there a Plugin to...

share my Octoprint Cam Stream and the actual print information (like temps, layers...) on my lan but without any Logindata to watch these Information.
This should be only "for information" and there should be no way to control the Printer.

Like the Dashboard Plugin but on a different port and without a Login.

The webcam stream should be available on your LAN network as the http://octopi.local:8080/?action=stream URL.

Note that you're asking for a plugin (which implies an OctoPrint instance running on the Pi) that would serve up information for someone who's not logged in. If you have Access Control turned on with the ForceLogin plugin then this defeats the purpose. If you have Access Control turned on but ForceLogin turned off then the not-logged-in state sounds like it satisfies your requirements, I'm guessing.