Is there a way to reset printer when in "trouble" state

I have a taz 6 that has intermittent issues with the bed heater. The printer will throw a no heater found code, halt the print and beep indefinitely. AFAIK when the printer is in this state octoprint cannot send it any commands. I have a tplink smart plug so I was wonder if there was a plugin that could monitor the octpoprint logs for said error and than turn the power off via tplink plugin

In theory it's possible - but you would have to modify the plugin.
I would rather try to fix the issue.

I would guess there is some kind of problem with the thermistor itself or the thermistor cable.
Any weird temperatures or gaps in the temp graph?

agreed I would much rather fix the issue, I have verified the heat sensors resistance and verified all wiring. The issue is not consistent so no immediate way to know if its fixed. Im mainly concerned that it will happen when I leave a print job unattended and my neighbors will mistake it for the fire alarm or just be really (rightfully) annoyed that it was beeping for 8 hours. I have had this happen in the past and it would just beep once and halt. So it might be more productive to run an older firmware version or try and modify the behavior in the current firmware version

I thought that the TP Link plugin from @jneilliii already shut off the power when there was an error from the printer's firmware. I might be misremembering, but I was sure it did already.

There is an option for that in settings. There are actually several auto power off options, some of which cause bad side effects, specifically when the printer is backpowered by the pi.

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Sry I somehow misread your request... For some reason I thought you wanted to restart (turn off and on again) your printer in case of an error.
Of course does the plugin supports turning it just off :woman_facepalming: My bad.

You can also install the plugin even if you don't have a plug and check it out.

I had an thermistor cable issue (loose contact) not long ago, which caused temp spikes. Sometimes positives, sometimes negative but most of the time I had no issues.
The temp graph itself should freeze when the printer gets disconnected - so you should be able to check for any anomalies when you come back.

Not exactly simple in all cases but some MCUs have a reset button or header that can be wired to your Pi's GPIO header with a transistor. I have this setup with a menu item to call a reset script that flips the bit on/off.

Good idea.
The Anet A8 for example got the button on the screen board.

It does! I set it up and it works as expected, printer throws an error and it kills power in seconds

you're welcome.