Is there a way to send commands to the printer using the IFTTT plugin?

I've recently added a smart plug to my printer set up and in peak lazy fashion I am now wondering if it is at all possible to send for example a M140 to heat the bed using IFTTT.

From a safety standpoint, I'd be wary of auto-heating on power-on.

Several years ago I owned a condo in a complex in NORCAL. The power went out and it stayed off for about 36 hours once. About an hour after it came back on there was a raging fire in one of the units; someone had left their food on the stove and forgotten to turn off the heat before leaving. Perhaps a month ago someone in my new apartment complex left a scooter's battery on the charger and caused another raging fire in their absence.

Basically, if you lose power during a print job (and the state of the SmartPlug is ON) and the power returns while you're not there, bad things could possibly happen. I really wouldn't do this sort of thing.

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That does sound rather dangerous. My current setup has it that I can ask alexa to turn on "the printer" and it turns on the printer and the lights in the lack enclosure I made, I just wanted to see if it would be possible to ask alexa to heat up the bed (not on power on don't worry) or pause/resume/cancel a print through IFTTT. Probably should have been clearer, my bad.

You can, I suppose. I did the same last year myself to include "Preheat for pee el ay" (PLA), etc.

The last six months, though, all my Alexa devices are powered OFF. I've experienced and read too many problems to include privacy issues. The Echo Dot is sitting here nearby awaiting me to have some time to reverse-engineer and flash a new operating system for it.