Is there an apt-get way of installing Octoprint

Is there an apt-get way of installing Octoprint?

At the moment, no.

But here is how it could be done.

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It is not quite an apt package, but you can easily install it if you have pip installed: pip install OctoPrint

And if you want to install dotnet:

curl -SL -o dotnet.tar.gz
sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/dotnet
sudo tar -zxf dotnet.tar.gz -C /usr/share/dotnet
sudo ln -s /usr/share/dotnet/dotnet /usr/bin/dotnet

EDIT: I managed to get it all up and running. I even managed to do a redirect to get OctoPrint to appear to run on port 80. I'm gonna need to invent a .py script to do all of those operations; as I see myself needing to do it in the future.