Is there any working way to add a 2. Webcam in 2023?

Im trying to add a 2. usb camera to my rpi3b+.
I have watched every "up to date" YT video about this topic but nothing seems to work for me because everything thesee are too outdated.
Is there any working and up-to-date tutorial to add and edit the config files?
I have watched these videos:

Im trying to do this now: Setting up multiple webcams in OctoPi the right way Im goint to inform you later if it worked.
(it doesnt)
Help is appreciated :slight_smile:

This guide is up to date for OctoPi 0.18/1.0.0 for the standard/old camera stack, not the new camera stack. It is kept up to date, but I can't guarantee that it will still work after following YouTube videos if they do not use the same method.