Is this my solution?

I'm looking for a solution as such:


I have 32 projects, some on one plate, some on many plates, some using PETG, some using PLA or TPU, some using one color, some using multi colors.

I'm looking for a program that I can put all my projects in like a que. I can then organize by, Print time, colors, filament type, amount of firmament and other.

Then I can select something like, Time or type of filament. The program will then scan through all the pending projects in the que and put together a plate that meets requested referments.

Example, I have 2hr before work, so I have the software build a plate based off items in the que that take ~2hr. Then, I'll be working for 16hr, so again I request the software to build me a plate that'll take ~16hr. ( based on other factors such as color and filament type.). Then, I can have it build plates that take 1 to 3hr ea. Then, at bedtime, request a build plate that'll take 7hr,,..

It should also allow constant adding of projects to the que. And an option to show projects that are 90% printed, so one can put in order by % remaining to print.

Does this software do this?

No, OctoPrint does not do this. It requires you to upload gcode files, which you could print on your printer - the print file format out of your slicer does not change vs. just printing from SD cards/printer storage. It also has no queue management features out of the box, nothing remotely like what you would like here.

There is a Continuous Print plugin that has some advanced print queue management functions, but it does not generate the print files for you. You can add print files to the queue and manage them to print sequentially, but here you are looking for a slicer-side software to plate objects for you based on your constraints and then generate the gcode file to go to the printer - one step before OctoPrint.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!
I'll do some more research on this software and see if it'll offer me any other solutions.

I'm kinda surprised there is no software solution like what I'm seeking.

I'm researching a software person, maybe we can create such a program..?

Thanks again.

You should look into Simply Print (OctoPrint plugin and it's own ecosystem). It has queuing that can utilize tags based on filament type, etc.

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