Issue with CTC-A13

Hi all.

I acquired this printer 3 weeks back and am still yet to use it due to a few issues
Initially it failed to print due to an error message saying change filament which was confusing as it has no filament sensor. After a day of getting nowhere i decided to flash a new bootloader and flash on marlin firmware.

flashed fine but its not functionable due to the screen now being blank (lit but blank) and the XYZ axis being miles off despite trying to change stuff in the code.

What im after if possible is the exact marlin version i require, along with setting to get me going again and bringing my LCD back to life

Model CTC-A13
Anet A8 board V1-5 i
LCD as supplied with CTC-A13 - 12864B3 v2.0

Thanks in advance.

Currently pulling my hair out!!!

If you can't find a firmware you could try to build your own.

This video should help you getting started

link to the latest marlin archive
and here are example configs for a lot of printers - including yours

unzip both of them an copy the 4 files in /Configurations- into the /Marlin- folder (overwrite the existing files)

Ah fantastic. Ive not had access to a CTC example file as yet so will give this a go right now.

Fingers crossed i make some progress.

Thankyou so much

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Still failing.

Either get an error saying text too long which i presume is a memory size issue or a string of errors relating everything and its dog.

Have tried various board options but i though it would just work under anet optiboot

This is where im at currently with no clue what to do

You might find more help from the Marlin community for that one - we tend to only know how to solve OctoPrint problems! There's plenty of helpful people around there.

Marlin Firmware (

Though I can recommend using VS Code & PlatformIO to compile Marlin - it is much easier to use, and compiles faster.