Issue With YouTube Live Plugin


"repository octoprint/youtubelive not found: does not exist or no pull access"

I installed the plugin and (I think) configured it correctly. When I try t go live I get the error message above. Any suggestions?


Hmm, i can't really help you.

But past last days, i have been installing that plugin and seams to be working ok here.


Did you follow the instructions in the link below? Looks like you might be missing the git pull steps followed by building the docker image...


Maybe I’m just setting the configuration wrong. Where can I find the channel id? I found the secret code

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You can find your channel_id on this Advanced Account page.


I have gotten this up and running, but when I Ctrl-C it stops streaming.
Another thing is it tells me to consider raising the thread_queue_size option from the current value of 8- I'm assuming it has something to do with the jumpy video?


That is correct. Ctrl+C is to stop the test command. Once you've successfully tested you're ready to set the other settings in the plugin and start streaming from the OctoPrint UI. Not sure about the thread_queue_size option you mention.


Sorry about that, It's been a long day. How can I get the fps up from the 4.1 it has been running?


Requires some editing of the docker file and rebuilding, see here for a pointer. If you're going for hi-res hi framerate you're going to want to be running on at least a Pi 3 and probably ethernet connected rather than wifi for the best results.


I'm not really looking for it to be blazing fast, I was hoping it would get higher than the 4.2fps-but I will look into that, thanks. I have 2 options currently- this 3B+, or a PC Running Raspbian.