Issues with Brave browser

I am having an issue with the latest Brave browser on OctoPrint 1.3 and 1.4. I am almost sure it is something wrong with my setup. I am just looking for some pointers as to what it could be.

I am setting up a new PC and I decided to try Brave browser. When connecting to the OctoPrint page it loads the page, displays "Application startup complete" in the console, and then hangs the browser for about a full minute, before it starts behaving normally. If I refresh the page it will do the same thing, a full minute where it might actually crash the tab.

I have tried disabling all plugins in both the brave browser and octoprint and get the same result. It works fine on Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I tried running the dev tools profiler on it and if anything it appears to be something to do with rendering. But not sure if that is the root cause.

Anyone seen anything like this?

I recently was helping someone with an issue with my Bed Level Visualizer plugin and it not deteing webgl capabilities. I wonder if it's a similar problem. For them they had to update their shields to allow browser identification or something like that.

Yes, I found that flag. :slight_smile: It was keeping my plugin from working.

The page hanging the browser issue happens even when no other plugins are loaded.