Klipper anyone?

I got a Mendel Max 3 with Rambo 1.3 running Marlin 1.something. Was going to do the linear rail upgrade but they’re sold out.
The Rambo is a little beat, had to solder the bed heater directly to the board after the connector melted down.
Thinking of upgrading to a Archim 2 32 bit board running Klipper. It looks pretty neat.
This is a pretty advanced group, I was surprised I didn’t find much on Klipper when I searched.

Anyone running Klipper recommend it?

edit for spelling


Do you mean Klipper?
There are some Klipper users in the Octoprint Discord. So if you don't get an answer here - try it there :slight_smile:

Yes Klipper

The Voron printer folks often running Klipper as it has a faster throughput than Marlin, I.e. they run 150 to 300 mm/s. So another Place to look is their community.