KlipperScreen configuration on OctoKlipperPi

I installed a new instance of OctoKlipperPi and am configuring my printer. Most is working.

Now I installed KlipperScreen on the Pi. It starts but couldn't connect. Now I also installed moonraker. KlipperScreen connects to Moonraker, but not to Klipper.

Is it possible to use Klipperscreen on OctoKlipperPi ?


Hello @Bart31 !

In this case I strongly recommend the Klipper forum:

Got it working!

  • Install OctoKlipperPi on SDCard
  • Config network and printer.
  • Update OS
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt full-upgrade
    sudo reboot
  • Install KIAUH
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git -y
    cd ~ && git clone GitHub - dw-0/kiauh: Klipper Installation And Update Helper
  • Install Moonraker with Kiauh
  • Manually install KlipperScreen
    cd ~/
    git clone GitHub - KlipperScreen/KlipperScreen: GUI for Klipper
    cd ~/KlipperScreen
  • settings to printer.cfg
    path: ~/printer_data/gcodes
  • Touch not working?
    Open /boot/config.txt for editing using sudo nano /boot/config.txt and change

That's all.