Kobra 2 compatibility

unless you hack it or switch to another mainboard unfortunately no


how to "hack" it?

The usual way I guess. Find an exploit and use it :slight_smile:

I'm no hacker - I can't help you with that part

Regarding the Kobra 2 Neo variant, stock firmware, connected with type-C cable and on a Raspberry Zero 2W:
Octoprint works out of the box with it generally speaking, but it throws back the following error message in the info tab:
" Info: Firmware Development Build

Your printer's firmware is a development build of Marlin (build date 20230816). It might be more unstable than a release version and should be kept up-to-date."

Anycubic didn't provide an updated firmware on their website, and I was unsuccessful in finding an up-to-date firmware for this printer, so if anyone can help with that, it would be appreciated, because I'd prefer full compatibility, just like I have with my Ender 3 Max. If it is a possibility of course.

This is not an error, it is prefixed with "info". It's information.

In this specific case, it is warning that your firmware was built from a development version of Marlin, and so you should watch out because you are more likely to run into bugs/issues from our experience. It has not detected any specific issues.

Semantics, the point is that not everything is working as well as it should, and tinkering is needed.

I sent the following to AnyCubic on 3/1/24:

Having just read about the vulnerability with my Kobra2 Max print and
the MQTT cloud services, I would also like you to consider expanding
your Kobra 2 series architecture to allow lan management.

I am currently using the Anycubic application on Android and iPhone and
find them lacking and difficult to use. This is aggravated by the fact
that I cannot monitor my jobs and the printer using my desktop and
laptop computers. I am able to submit jobs to the printer using the
cloud service but that limits me to using the Anycubic slicer.

My Creality printer allows me to use Octoprint which provides me a rich
environment to monitor my printer, jobs and even submit them regardless
of the slicer I use. I am also not a super fan of cloud services for the
simple reason that it locks me in to your cloud service which may be
unreliable in the future and it exposes me to hacking like the MQTT
services issue we are all currently experiencing.

I love the large format printer, the pricing was excellent and the
support you give has been excellent. I just hope you will consider my
suggestion and open up your architecture a little to allow the users
more autonomous control of their printing environment.

I would love to discuss my issues if you feel that I may have valuable
input that fits within your long-term plan.


Warmest Regards,

Here was their reply:

I hope this email finds you well.

The new firmware will addresses the issue you've encountered, is currently undergoing final refinements and will be available for download on the Anycubic official website starting from March 5th.

Furthermore, we have also incorporated the development of the local network control feature for managing printers into our ongoing projects. We appreciate your patience and eagerly anticipate its release.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we work to enhance our products and provide you with the best possible experience.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

Keep your fingers crossed......