Latest OctoPi (new camera stack) not starting server

Hi, new OctoPrint user here, trying to install OctoPi with a Camera Module 3 noIR on my Raspberry Pi 4B. Running the OctoPi (Stable) 1.9.2 build I can access the server. However, the (new camera stack) 1.9.2 doesn't allow a server start. Both say they were released 2023-07-18. Is anyone else having the same issue? Is there a problem with the OctoPi build for new camera stack?

Someone else mentioned the same thing in Discord. Did you happen to change the username from pi when flashing the image? I'm not sure how it's related but this was the issue that ended up out of that conversation.

You can go back a version release on GitHub.

Thanks for the reply jneilliii, it looks like someone added a fixed version to Pi Imager yesterday (2023-07-20). Thanks to the person responsible I now have a working Octoprint with camera module.

Yeah Gina had it fixed same day. Some upstream issue with libcamera.

Hi, how to install user-fix?

It was an issue with the image itself. The image itself has been fixed since the problem was reported, so you'll need to reflash the image.

O.K., thanks!