LD-002R control

Has anyone been able to hook up octoprint on raspberry pi to a creality LD-002R resin printer? If I got a USB-A male to A male cord would octoprint be able to connect to the printer and control the printing (start, stop, select what to print)

The only resin controlled printing that I know of possible with OctoPrint are the printers that are running Chitu boards.

And it appears that the LD-002R is one of the listed supported printers for this plugin.

It's has a USB A port so I'd guess that if I had a cable with a male connecter on both ends or had a that new pi 02 it'll work for a connection. I'm not that excited with having to mess with the mainboard, it's a brand new printer. I wish creality didn't cheap out on the add-ons and wifi.

A device with a Type A port usually is not meant to be a peripheral device (printer, scanner, etc). You can insert a USB stick, but connecting to something like a Raspberry Pi can be quite messy.

I meant that I was able to just plug in my ender 3 pro to the usb and it worked and I had full control. It doesn't look like the LD-002r can do the same thing.

And the Ender 3 also has a Type A connector? Or a Type B one?

the ender 3 pro has a mini b connector. So I can just plug that one into the octoprint and go.

That's the purpose of the B connector type: it's for peripheral devices.
If the LD-002 has no B connector, it can't be seen/used as a peripheral device as the Ender 3

I actually never knew that. I wonder if I get the wifi module if that will allow me to connect easily or if I'm stuck with having to learn soldering and then wire the LD-002r?

The only solution at the moment is the Chituboard plugin linked above.

If you want a better solution, then companies will have to start making printers that are compatible. There's no open standard for these kind of printers, so breaking in to them is required.

Sorry to bring up a 26 day old post but I figured I would add my 2 cents on this.

I went back and forth with one of the chitu staff, idk if they were a tech or dev. Trying to get the Wifi working on my LD-002R. Come to find out the whole networking side of the mainboard was missing. (Network chip/lan port/etc.) So I guess Creality decided to cheap out on mainboard. With that said, I will have to mess around with the Octoprint-Chiuboard plugin to see how it works, as it uses the UART ports on the mainboard to a RPI for communication.

In the end Creality really screwed the pooch when it comes to connectivity with the LD-002R. And the best option I see to making it full on controllable via any software is to upgrade the mainboard with the same model but with the networking chips/ports on the board. I think the boards are around $50 or so USD from chitu's store. ChiTu L V3 board for mono screen mSLA/LCD 3d printer - ChiTu Systems!

As far as connecting the RPI usb to the LD-002R USB, I can give that a try and see what happens. I have a few male to male usb cables laying around or I can just make one.