Led Control for Ultimaker 2+?

would it be possible to get ab Button for the Led switching on / off ?

Are the LEDs controlled by a G-code?

You may try

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should be M42 P8 Sxxx

works perfect, THX !!

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And you can add external/real buttons too if you like.

yes, but I would like to have them on the stearing tab

You can have it on the Navbar:


yes I do, but on the steering tab (my default) would be perfect

You mean the control tab?

locates it's buttons there

Hope these videos may help you
[Octolight adding a physical light switch]

[OctoLight Plugin Physical Switch turning a light On and Off 3D printer]

I have good success switching LED On/Off in OctoPrint as well as using a Physical On/Off switch

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