Led Machinest Light Tower Indicator

Ok, if your into 3D Printing and CNC like me then you have probably seen one of thease:

(BTW: sold by adafrute)

I was thinking about using one of thease with octoprint to tell the status of your 3D printer.
For instance:

Red: Print Failed
Yellow: Standby
Yellow Flashing: Heating Up
Green: Printing

There is also a buzzer so theat could maby have 3 chirps when the print is finshed and 5 long chirps when the print has failed!

Its a cool idea and I would really like to see this made into a plugin!

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Probably achievable with one of the GPIO plugins out there like OctoPrint-Enclosure or LEDStripControl.

I built a 3D router a few years ago and have really enjoyed it. Recently I started looking into building a 3D printer. I ran into your post and the way you discussed using the yellow light. I thought I would add to your idea by suggesting that you get a light with more than 3 colors. This way you will not need to multipurpose the yellow light. We use a stack light like the one below at work and it has 5 levels. You could get a light with 4 levels or maybe you can come up with a purpose for the 5th color.

LED Stack Light

Here, I think we should hack the Amazon Echo Button since it's both a color-programmable LED and an IFTTT button as well. In theory, one could hack it to call a page on OctoPrint to pause the print.