LED Strip Control Plugin: Wrong download link

I can't update the LED Strip Control Plugin with the built in plugin manager because the update script points to the wrong github repo. It was abandoned and now it looks like it was forked here: Release v0.3.8 · gbonesso/OctoPrint-LEDStripControl · GitHub
I can update it manually, but I couldn't find anywhere else to raise the issue to get it fixed for other people. If there is a better place to report this please let me know.

It's already been adopted and the plugin repository does show the correct repository: LEDStripControl

It was updated back in October: updates related to adoption of ledstripcontrol plugin by jneilliii · Pull Request #1110 · OctoPrint/plugins.octoprint.org · GitHub

Perhaps you need to uninstall it and then reinstall it to get the proper update URL to show?