LED Strip with Le Potato

Hey all,

I am looking to use some WS2812Bs that I have and I was trying to figure out how to run them from my le potato. All of the plugins I have found that would do this use the RPi library and my sbc won't download that as it isn't a RPi. Any suggestions?

If I am wrong, feel free to correct me. I am new to this and I am still learning.


I'd start with https://pypi.org/project/LePotatoPi.GPIO/.

This might also be useful, https://libre.computer/blogs/gpio-headers-reference-for-aml-s905x-cc/.

There are a lot more results from the google search "Le Potato GPIO library".

The only plugin that I'm aware of that supports non RPi.GPIO modules are those specifically for orange devices or PSU Control. PSU Control would only give you simple on/off capability though. You may want to consider an esp based device with WLED and cp2004's other plugin that controls WLED.

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