Lerdge K board RPi3B+ M114 error

Keep getting "Your printer does not support M114, and is incompatible with Octolapse" error when using octolaps.
If I send M114 through terminal I do get position in return. The specs sheet for the motherboard clearly states support for M114.

OctoPrint 1.5.3
Octolapse 0.4.1+u.8cae0c9
Lerdge K (4.3.1 B)
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Microsoft LifeCam Studio (through a powered USB hub)

Any idea how I can get this to work?
plugin_octolapse.log (3.9 KB)

Did you try to home the printer before running M114 ?

It could be that OctoLapse does not support that style of output. I don't recognise the output, and sending an M114 to the virtual printer has the folowing response:

Send: M114
Recv: ok X:0.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0 E:0.0 Count: A:0 B:0 C:0

What firmware are you using?

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I get this output on an un-homed printer

Send: M114
Recv: X:-33.00 Y:-10.00 Z:0.00 E:0.00 Count X:-3264 Y:-993 Z:0

I thought his output might change to actual coordinates after homing

I'm on a Lerdge K board with firmware "Lerdge-K V4.3.1-Beta (2021.01.08)".
Unfortunately the firmware for this board is not open source.

Which output do you get with M115?

I believe Marlin might have support for this board. I see a definition in the pins file, at least on the bugfix branch. Not sure what brand/printer to point you to an example configuration.

That would help if you wanted to go down an open source more compatible firmware.

@PrintedWeezl here is the output of the M115:

Send: M115
Recv: BOOTLOAD_NAME:     Lerdge-K Bootload
Recv: FIRMWARE_NAME:     Lerdge K 3D
Recv: FIRMWARE_URL:      www.lerdge.com
Recv: UI_FILE_NAME:      lerdge_K_UI_V4.3.1.ui
Recv: UI_FILE_VERSION:   V4.3.1
Recv: SERIAL_NUMBER:     53C4868A
Recv: MACHINE_TYPE:      Normal_XYZ
Recv: HOTEND_NUMBER:     1
Recv: HOTEND_1_MAX T:    260.000

@Charlie_Powell an open source rout would be great. I guess it would take some getting used to, but as long as all the functions of the stock lerdge fw is there I'm willing to give it a try.

If your printer (or similar) is listed here, then it would be easy to compile and give it a go. Otherwise, it may be a pain to setup all the configuration. I've done it before, but it was a pain.

Side note: yet another printer vendor who messed with things in their custom stock firmware (that probably would still HAVE to be open source since it is in all likelihood based on GPL code) without knowing what they are doing and breaking communication in the process. That is neither a protocol compliant M114 nor a compliant M115 response. This keeps happening and it's infuriating.

Just heard back from the Lerdge team and they claim to have fixed this in the newest beta version of their fw. Will try to flash that and see how it goes.
I'll keep you posted

Just done flashing the new firmware. It worked in the "test mode", so I'm trying a quick print now to test it.