Leveling and Z-off set through OctoPrint with Klipper

Over the weekend, I tried to start using Klipper on my Ender 3 v2 NEO. The firmware updated and I've installed the Octoprint Klipper on a RPi 3B+. It connects and all errors are resolved.

The screen on the Ender is no longer working as expected so I'm trying to figure out how to do the leveling through Octoprint. There are two things I hope somebody can point me to a guide or has the answer - I've been looking for hours and your help is much appreciated.

  1. In the plugin BLTouch Settings it states Enter the GCODE commands necessary for the BLTouch to work with your firmware. Default settings are for Marlin. Indeed, this doesn't work correctly/at all. What are the Klipper commands?
  2. What are the steps for Z-offset? Do I use the Klipper Tools (assisted bed leveling, Coordinate Offset) only?

Many thanks!

Hello @Flying_Dutchman !

This is 100% a Klipper theme. Z-offset is done in Klipper, not in OctoPrint.

You don't need the BLtouch plugin, this done in Klipper.

Please consult the Klipper forum.

With a successful installed Klipper, it is expected that the display does not show anything.

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Thank you @Ewald_Ikemann! That just took a large chunk out of the troubleshooting. I'll focus on the installation and configuration sections in the documentation of Klipper.

In my opinion, the best and fastet way to level a bed with klipper is to use PROBE_ACCURACY at the corners. Therefore ein created this Macro in printer.cfg

[gcode_macro check_height]
  G1 Z10

and linked it to octoprint.
The procedure is: move to the corners, execute check_height and read the values from the terminal. Now you are able to bring all corners to the same level very easy.

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