Limit ability to creat a FAQ?

I just flagged a post in the FAQ section which seemed to me to be more of a general help question. It brought to mind a suggestion: You've limited who can edit the first Wiki post in a FAQ topic to people of trust level 1. Should there be limits on who can create a FAQ? This section could get very cluttered if anyone can make something a FAQ.

In most other boards I visit, only an admin can create a FAQ. It seems like requiring at least a trust level 1, or possibly an even higher restriction might be appropriate here. The ability to edit an existing FAQ it could stay at level 1. It just seems the ability to decided whether something belongs in this section in the first place might be more highly restricted than it seems to be now. The section is already growing rapidly.

/me volunteers to do basic moderating

Yep, makes complete sense. I was kinda hoping people would not happily post in there if given the chance, but ... well :wink: edit Also moved the stray support request in there.

I've restricted topic creation in there to TL2 and up for now. BTW, congrats @John_Mc, you are our first TL2 user! :tada:


And now a round of congrats for @OutsourcedGuru, the first user to reach TL3! :tada:

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Can you tell that I'm under-employed? ha

I rather classified it as "incredibly helpful" :smile: