Limit switch over shoot

The X axis limit switch is being bypassed when starting a print. The printer continue to send pulses to the stepper motor even after hitting the limit switch. I am using octopi software in a raspberry pi. After stepper motor has met its mechanical limit (making a terrible buzz) for a few seconds the printer shuts down. If I unplug the the Raspberry things go back to normal and the stepper motor drivers stop when the limit switch is contacted. I am printing with a Kywoo3D printer with a bed of 240x 240y 230z mm. Is there a setting in the octopi software to prevent this?

Hello @lhops1339 !

Usually the limit switch is only active during homing.

The slicer/user has to take care not to move beyond the limits of the printer.

In all: It's a firmware thing

Would be interesting to know what slicer you use and the settings of the slicer.

That is exactly when it is happening. When I start a print I send the the print command from Cura
and the printer starts heating up. When it has satisfied the heat temps it starts its homing action. But when it reaches the limit switch on the x axis it continues to try to move the motor more until it shuts down and has to be reset. The print job never gets a chance to start. Remember the printer works like it should if I unplug the Raspberry pi.

Then it is to assume that the limit switch, the cabling and/or the connectors have an issue.

Ewald....Thank you for your replies and your intentions of help. It is obvious I have not explained myself well enough for you you understand the problem.

I'm going to assume that when you say the printer works if you unplug the RPi that you mean printing from an SD card works. If my assumption is incorrect, how do you send the gcode file to the printer when it works?

The homing action is a firmware function started by the gcode command G28. The G28 firmware reads the limit switches to determine where "zero" is. You can verify the limit switches are working with an M119.

Please slice a small object like a 5x5x5mm cube, enable the serial.log and reproduce the error (you can power down the printer if it looks like its going to hurt itself). Then create a systeminfo bundle and post it here. Please post the gcode file as well.

The more details you give us, the better chance we have of providing a solution.

I would like to thank all that answered this issue. I found that it was a firmware problem so I am using the built in wifi of the printer to send files from cura. Seems to work well and no overshoot issues. However I am not able to use octopi and its wonderful features. Again thank you all.