Link two Raspberry Pi's running OctoPrint?

Hi, I have two raspberry pi's, a touch screen for one and a Ancubic i3 Mega but it is in a room downstairs I am wondering it I can use one raspberry pi to connect to the printer to get it onto the internet then another raspberry pi running octoprint with the touchscreen so I can control it from the raspberry pi touch screen in my room. Is this possible linking the two??

Sure. Just put them into the same network.

Have you found anywhere that shows how to connect them?

The RPi connected directly to the printer is where OctoPrint should be running. The second, remote RPi with the touchscreen would then communicate with the first via HTTP. If the screen is too small for the normal OctoPrint web interface, then install the TouchUI plugin. Communication is still via HTTP.

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Web browser on any device!, just don't use the g-code visualiser if you are printing large g-code files.

I can watch the printers with cameras from an iPhone - one at a time, but streaming video over wifi is laggy.

I did a write-up for how to connect two Pi computers via TCP over your own local network. One Pi is connected directly to the printer (suggested model is 3A+) and the other is a 3B. If you installed mjpg_streamer on the 3A+ you could also stream from here so that it shows up on the remote OctoPrint installation.

It's slightly dated. The code to hack OctoPrint might need an update by now with v1.4 out.

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Hey I have been trying to get this way but one I am having problems getting the UI to show up on the screen but will get that sorted but how did you get the TouchUI plugin to communicate with the other raspberry pi?

I think I am going to go with b-morgan's option as your just seems to be too complicated for me, thanks anyway.

Wait just thinking do I use the website on like rasbian go in via IP adress download UI plugin and use it on it via chrome?

The RPi connected to the printer is running OctoPrint which is serving out a web interface that you connect to with any browser. When TouchUI is installed on that OctoPrint, it detects the size of the incoming browser screen, and serves out a different set of pages optimized for that small screen area.

The second RPi with the touch screen (with the desktop installed) just uses its browser to communicate with the first RPi. OctoPrint does not need to be installed on this second RPi. Instead of OctoPi on this second RPi, just install a full Raspbian instead which will already have the desktop and browser installed.

Instead of a second RPi, you could use a cell phone or a tablet to browse to the first RPi.

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Thank you you’ve been great help!